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School pictures
Working collaboratively with others
  Some people in the school and I prepared the study room to be a studio for pictures that were going to be taken of students for the Yearbook. I was in charge of inviting students to come as a lot of them were hesitant at first and the more pictures we'd get the better.


High school fare in Älvsjö
Developing new skills - For this activity me and other students were chosen to represent our school at the high school fare in Älvsjö in order to encourage middle school students to join our school. I found this activity interesting because I always thought I was very shy and couldn't speak to strangers just like that. But with each hour passing at the fare I found myself approaching people and talking to them without any issues.



Engaged with issues of global importance - When I first joined the UN club in school, I didn't even know what UN was but I worked hard for two years and finally got to go to Denmark, where MUNNY 2013 was organized. I was chosen to be in a committee where such issues as the Syrian refugees, safe exploration of the outer space and the question of Taiwanese independence were discussed.
MUN made me discover that even though I get very shy I like to speak up when it comes to important issues such as those and helped me create an opinion on global matters such as those mentioned above, things that I haven't really cared for before.


Helpin Lee Qi move

Planned and initiated activities - My school friend Lee Qi was moving and so we decided to help him because I know from experience that there's never enough helpers  when you move. We spent a couple of hours helping him pack, move things into the truck, carry them upstairs and unpack. It felt great to do something that was really helpful for another person.


Biking / Camping

Together with some other people we decided that it would be cool to go to a biking trip together since it was November and we figured that it's our last chance before winter to do something like that. We planned what to bring for the trip and pretty much where to go (the plan was to bike as far as we could and then camp there).

Planned and initiated activities - it turned out to be pretty difficult to plan what food we should bring, how many tents, blankets, drinks, etc, but we managed to and everything worked out in the end thanks to the planning.

Working collaboratively with other - we mostly managed to get so far thanks to the teamwork, especially since one of the bikes was messed up and we had to change once in a while in order to get anywhere.

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I have wanted to learn how to swim for as long as I could remember and I had tried multiple times but always found it difficult. This time I decided to stick with my plan and set a goal for myself to be able to swim 100 meters.

Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth - even after I finally managed to swim that 100 meters I still am aware that I can improve and develop this skill even more.  

Developing new skills - two years ago I would have easily drowned in a 5 feet deep pool but now I trust my newly acquired skill of swimming and would manage.